Win Your Wish List Running the Shop Benchmark The Fanatics Tough Young Teachers 5 Minutes to a Fortune Chinese Draw it! Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Beyonce The Exit List My Dwarf Family Will Young Is Football Racist Suicide in Football Football Fight Club

Welcome to Victory Television.

Victory Television was founded by Victoria Ashbourne in June 2011 in partnership with Sony Pictures Television. The company focuses on creating and producing engaging, high quality, original entertainment, and factual entertainment formats.

In June 2014, Victory Television Scotland was launched with the opening of our Glasgow office. Victory Scotland focuses on developing factual entertainment formats.

Victory's production roster includes entertainment game shows ‘Win Your Wish List’, ‘Benchmark’, The Fanatics’, ‘5 Minutes To A Fortune', 'Draw It', ‘The Exit List’ and 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' and music shows 'A Night With Beyonce' and 'A Night With Will Young'. The factual entertainment roster includes ‘Running the Shop’, 'Tough Young Teachers', 'The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese', 'My Dwarf Family' and the critically acclaimed 'Football's Suicide Secret'.